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Wood Furniture Services

Plum Studio Offers:
Expert repair and restoration of wood furniture

Services Include:

Structural repairs: Working in old antique furniture restoration and custom furniture, I routinely find solutions to compromised old antique furniture, or newer furniture that: Do no harm, are reversible(as necessary), take into account the character, period and original construction of items in my care. Dining tables need …Learn More

Repairs to veneer and carving Furniture Restoration that requires cutting and matching veneer to repair losses on antique wood furniture can be challenging. Veneers were hand cut from the log using a 2 man saw until the 19th century. Thicknesses range from 1/16″ to 1/8″. The backs were smoothed and ridged with toothing…Learn More

Replacement of missing elements:

Preservation of existing surfaces: 18th and early 19th century transparent finishes were mostly linseed oil based varnishes, or shellac/alcohol based ‘spirit varnishes’. By today’s standards, these finishes offer weak protection against spilled food and drink, water, sunlight and scratches. It is rare to find original…Learn More

Painting: Painted finishes on antique furniture restoration requires skill in matching colors, hues, sheen and tonal values. Sunlight can darken or lighten old figurative pigments. Crackle patterns can be introduced, while faux graining and figurative glazes are sometimes required. When considering various options…Learn More

Lacquer: Hand applied oriental lacquer is a specialty finish that requires an extremely laborious, lengthy and difficult technique. This finish is best left to conservators to restore. Gentle cleaning is all Plum Studio 2 will attempt on this specialty finish without written direction from a client to rebuild damaged…Learn More

French polish: Shellac, the residue from the lac insect is scraped off trees in India, pressed into small cakes and packaged according to color and purity. Dissolved in alcohol, filtered and distributed with an egg shaped pad rubbed over and over on surfaces. This specialty finish technique became known as French Polish…Learn More

Leather desk liner replacement: High quality hides with a wide choice of colors and embossed gilt borders are cut slightly over size and shipped from sources in Toronto and Paris. This specialty finish is common to antique desks, partner’s desks, fall front secretaries and game tables. During the furniture and wood…Learn More

Also Available:

Custom Furniture and Reproductions
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