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These are some of the reviews that have been brought in here from the likes of:
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Robbie – A thank you shout – out to you for the fine work on the Chinese Chest.  It looks so very nice, restored to most of  its former glory.  Looks like someone cares finally.  Thank you for the extra effort you put into it to do the cleaning and waxing, a total surprise which makes me so happy. 

L. Frenkel | Seattle, WA

I have taken several pieces of furniture – which are precious to our family to Plum Studio 2 for both numerous repairs and one particular piece required some very sensitive restoration.   The reason we love this guy is because he did not do as 2 other so called furniture repair men did!  Robbie Bumpus is his name and he knows his stuff!

These pieces of furniture now look as they always did.  Anyone out there that is looking for the proper way that old furniture needs to be treated and we mean by that that it should look not brand new but authentically restored and finished as it should, then go see this guy. Easy to find and very fair pricing for this type of work.  It’s difficult to find this old school style of repair and restoration.

P. Pavlovich
Spokane, WA

I took my mother’s antique dining room table (1850’s Edwardian) to Plum Studio and Robbie with a problem…how can it be renewed, revised and contemporized so that one day I can pass it on to my children…and they will actually want it.

Robbie immediately “melded” with me on my problem and with his inspiration and obvious deep knowledge of furniture making….he created a wonderful solution and did an AMAZING job on the rebuild, refurnish.  Now we have a brand new “old” table that can continue providing pleasure to my family into the next generation…..

Robbie is a great guy, talented and easy to work with.

David L.| Seattle, WA

We are thrilled with the magnificent work Robbie did to paint and otherwise revive our bedroom set from the 1950s. We considered buying new, but the old set was solid cherry and worth saving. Robbie experimented with different finishes and proposed a flat gray that turned out to be perfect. He also restored the hardware. We cherish these pieces now. He was a pleasure to work with, and his services were a great value.

Alice P. | Seattle

I took a desk in for refinishing at Plumb Studio recently and was amazed at the results.  It is a very old desk and falling apart, but the owner – Robbie Bumpus – performed magic and made it into a show piece.  The studio itself is down an alley and somewhat hard to find if you are not looking carefully – but worth the effort.  You will be working with a master craftsman at a fair price.

Richard W. | Vienna, VA

Robbie, as we know him, is a Master Craftsman.  If you have a photo of a piece of furniture you’d like to replicate…even if it’s a Chippendale – take it to him and he’ll custom craft it for you.  If you have a family heirloom that is in need of a bit of ‘love’ as in someone who really knows how to sensitively restore antique furniture, take that to him as well!  NOW, to the other side if you have some half designed concept of some special piece of furniture that would make all your dreams come true, take THAT to him and he’ll help you get it designed and built.

It’s said that ‘they don’t make them like that anymore”..and that is so true. The furniture of yesteryear, even the cars and clothes of yesteryear will out live the sort of manufacturing we are all buying into now – we’ve decided to have less and have that little we have, reflect solid craftsmanship, basically, we want this furniture to outlive us and it will.   Plum Studio 2 is the place to go and Robbie Bumpus will help you sort through anything you want remodeled or custom built.

6-30-2015  Suzanne W. Seattle, Wa.

I had a wobbly fireplace bench, over 100 yrs. old. Been in the family for years.
Robbie showed me how beautiful it could look when all I was going for was firming up the legs. It looks just as beautiful as he said it would and the legs don’t wobble.
I am greatly impressed with his skills and happy I went with his suggestion.
Be sure to get the ‘how to find Plum Studio’ directions.

Justine B.   5-11-2015

The old craft is still alive at Plum Studio. I brought in my antique shaker dresser that was handed down two generations and in need of T.L.C. Robbie knew exactly what it was and what it needed. He clearly has a deep appreciation and respect for the original standards of restoration. I was so impressed with the transformation of this piece That I recently brought him a secretary desk. WOW, I am proud to have these pieces
in my home reminding me of their history in my family but they also add beauty and uniqueness to my life. This type of restoration is a dying craft. It can be expensive to take care of old treasures but your money is well spent supporting this local business.

W.J. Thomas F.  Seattle, Wa.    2-6-2015

In 2014-2015, Robbie Bumpus of Plum Studio (a) repaired and refinished our 250 year old one plank, 13 foot dining table brought from a spanish monastery in the 1960’s, including the repair of wormhole damage, and refinished the complementary custom dining chairs and (b)rebuilt Kristin’s antique desk and chair, reducing the center well height, rebuilding the center desk drawers and reducing the curved- leg
height of her desk chair;(c) replaced the tooled leather inlay on my 19c. partners writing desk and refinished that,and (d) miscellaneous smaller projects. Robbie clearly explained our options and costs. The work was superbly done, on agreed upon schedules and his charges were quite modest. It was most pleasant to deal with an old-world craftsman (and a pleasant person to boot.)

Kristina J.  Seattle, Wa. 4-28-2014

For years our creaky kitchen chairs had needed new seats and re-gluing. When I took the worst one to Robbie, he convinced me that he could teach me how to fix them all myself!  For an hour’s consultation fee, he patiently showed me how to dismantle the chair and then glue it back together. I learned which tools and glues I needed and he was wonderful in empowering me to try something that I knew nothing about. The chairs are now beautiful, sporting new seats and creaking no more. Meanwhile, seeing his craftsmanship on the projects in his studio was impressive. I recommend his work completely!

A thank you shout-out to you for the fine work on the Chinese chest. It looks so very nice, restored to most of its former glory. Looks like someone cares….finally. Thank you for the extra effort you put into it to do the cleaning and waxing, a total surprise which makes me so happy.

Linda Frenkel

Very impressed
I am generally not one who writes reviews but my exceptional experience with Robbie warrants high praise. We had a much loved sofa with broken springs. He immediately returned my call and agreed to meet early next morning. He took a look had an innovative solution and repaired it on the spot. Robbie is a true craftsman, great to work with and fair. What a find!

Daniel Johnson