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Ivory Table Restoration

Ivory Table Restoration Project: This is an Edwardian reproduction of a 17c. Dutch or English design featuring barley twist legs, ebony & ivory inlay & superb marquetry on top & stretcher.

All 4 stretcher ends down low became a chew toy for a dog. Taguia, a tropical nut is a close match to & cant easily be distinguished from ivory.After shaping the curved black & white inlay,gluing with hot hide glue & refinishing with shellac & wax,the side tablle is once again intact.

An Edwardian reproduction of a dutch-English 17c design featuring barley twist legs, ebony & Ivory inlay and a superb marquetry on top and stretcher.

All four stretcher ends at the feet were used as a chew toy by a puppy. One hopes it didn’t swallow the Ivory!

A tropical fruit, Taguia nuts are a close match and can’t easily be distinguished from real Ivory after restoration.

The garden like top finish had curled and cracked and was removed with a scraper.

After finishing with shellac, the piece again is intact. If you are a collector or lover of antique furniture and you may be someone who frequents estate sales, or antique malls and stalls – if you see something you like and you don’t know for sure if it’s worth putting through a restoration process, just bring it by or call on me I may be able to help over the phone. I’ve been at this for decades and have taken what looked like just a piece of junk and structurally repaired it, replaced the parts that were needed, (most of these have to be custom made) then put a shine on it so that it looks brand new – and voile’, you could have yourself a family heirloom!. At the very least you could have a piece of furniture made by a long ago craftsman from the old school and if you don’t wish to keep it, you’d be surprised what price it will bring on the antique lovers channels. Happy hunting and get in touch sometime, I really enjoy my work and I pride myself in a lifelong journey of learning to restore furniture. In case you didn’t know, I custom design and remodel furniture too.

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Plum Studio Antique Restoration & Custom Furniture 08 Seattle, WA