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1818c Butler’s Desk Restoration

butlers desk 1818 restoration plum studio2 seattle

Antique Furniture Restoration & Repair

A client of mine rescued this family heirloom from her sister’s estate in Vancouver, B.C. She then gave it to a ‘restorer’ who mysteriously vanished; he did not return phone calls or e-mails. You can imagine what a state she was in, after all, family heirlooms are not replaceable.

She put her thinking cap on and decided to stake out his ‘shop’ which he had in a storage facility. She finally caught him coming out for a smoke & managed to reclaim the furniture. I’d be interested in the details of that rescue, wouldn’t you?! I can hardly believe that someone has to stake out the woodworking shop of a ‘professional’ antique furniture restorer in order to reclaim her property.

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